CSC Member Code of Conduct

Construction Specifications Canada                                                                                                Page 25

5.0 MemberCode of ConductAdministrative Manual - Part 3 Directives                                                2016-10-23                                 



5.1               REFERENCE        

 5.1.1     By-Laws: 9.6

5.2                  OBJECTIVE                                                                              

5.2.1        ToestablishaCodeofConductthatallCSCmembersmustadheretoasaminimum.

5.3                  GENERAL                                                                                        

 5.3.1        A member of CSC shall:           support the goals of CSC.           freely exchangenon-confidential information and experience with othermembersofCSC.           avoid conduct whichwouldreasonably be regarded as disgraceful,dishonourable or unprofessional.           act towards other CSC members with respect, goodwill and fairness.           notmaliciouslyunderminethereputationorbusinessofCSCoranyofitsmembers.           avoid actionsand situations where themember's personal interestsconflict or appear toconflict with the activities of CSC; if in doubt themember may contact the Registrar for clarification.           not use the offices or the facilities of theCorporation for the promotion ofhis personalbusiness or professional interests.           not knowingly violate any law or regulation.


5.4                  MEETINGS                                                                                        

 5.4.1        All participants inany meeting of CSC members dealing with business ofthecorporationconduct themselves in accordance with the CSC Rules of Order forMeetings andCSC Rules of Engagement forMeetings.

 5.4.2        Rules of Order           Respect others’opinions even ifyoudon’tagree           Engage every-one and encourage themto speak           In a forum, raise your handand be acknowledged before you speak           Check egoatthedoor           Constructive feedback instead of destructivefeedback           Come prepared (this is already inthe roles and responsibilities forDirectors)           Every discussion needsa moderator           Do not dominate the conversation (this would be facilitated bythemoderator above)           Stay with the topic.         Takea break if discussions are not progressing in a positive manner.         Remember and respect the rules


5.4.3        Rules of Engagement           Encourage the mentoring of new boardmembers – team new memberswith more experienced members when they join the board           Reemphasizedirectors of correspondingmembers of programcommittees           Mandatory participation of directors on program committees (sub.ofabove)           Verbal statusreport byall participants ateach board meeting           Morecommunication (between boardmembers) between meetings           Endeavor toprovideclearand concise information at all times – upanddown           Include Visionand Mission statementsinmeeting preparation materials(to encourage discussionalignment with CSC’s Visionand Missionstatements)